Hi mum

Hi mum! I love you. I’m knitting you a scarf for Christmas because I’ve stolen your hat. Sorry, but remember, I love you!

Oh, hi Andi! Sorry I’ve not been online much today, I might have had car issues, but if I say that you’ll scream “woman driver” at me.

I love you too, what do you want? Money? Chocolate? Booze?

Oh sh*t. Please stop knitting me things! Buy me a real gift like a normal daughter. Are you sure you’re knitting it for me and it’s not something for yourself that you made and didn’t like? How many stitches did you drop this time? What’s wrong with it?

But I liked that hat! I chose the wool for it, and paid for it too! ANDIIIIII!

Yeah, you love me. I’m going to speak to George now, he’s nice to me.


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