Why the World Has a Screwed Up View on Breastfeeding (And Some Things We Can Do to Help)

I had trouble breastfeeding my first back in 1993. I now ask her the dreadded “Are you still breasfeeding?” question, and I feel terrible afterwards, becuase I don’t think before I ask. Her son is only just a year old, but when I had my babies anything past 6 months was weird. Teeth were the main reason I guess.


Every time I call my grandmother, she asks me the same question, “Are you still breastfeeding… maybe it’s time you stop.”  Now, I love my grandmother.   She raised four kids of her own and she was/is an awesome mother.  But, breastfeeding is not something that she did.  It’s not that she COULDN’T breastfeed her babies.  It’s that she was told that she SHOULDN’T breastfeed her babies.  Women of my grandmother’s era were told that ‘breastfeeding was not a scientific way to feed a baby‘.  They were given ‘dry up‘ medicine in the hospital (after a completely drugged and unconscious forceps birth).  It’s what you were told to do back then in America.  You listened to your doctor, because the doctor knew best…  Sigh…

Well, luckily, in today’s world, we know that breastfeeding IS the best way to nourish a baby.  But, women need…

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