Granny Square Scarf

I finally decided to use up some of my odd wool and make something for me for a change. I found a pattern in one of my Art of Crochet magazines made in three shades of 4 ply wool so I looked in my 4 ply box and found some cream and multicoloured pastel wool which looked good together and some pink left over from a jumper I had previously made. This gave me the three contrasting shades that I needed to make a scarf,


My 4 ply wool box, one of the many boxes of wool I have I used the pink shown in the bottom left hand corner as well as the cream and multicoloured wool to make granny squares.Image



The squares have a right and wrong side and lots of ends to sew in


32 squares were needed




This is my next project I am making these into a waistcoat


2 thoughts on “Granny Square Scarf

  1. Your wool boxes make me think of organised chaos.
    I love the colours in your waist coat squares, but your scarf is very pale. I hope you l anyway.

    Love you mummy ❤ x

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