A small update!

I didn’t post anything last week, not unusal for me. I’m not great at writing this blog thing.

But this time there is a reason. A good one.

My daughter came to see me for five days, just a small holiday. It was really nice. She took a couple of things back to France with her for Sandy, and for herself. The cardigan from my last post, the vest I made recently, and a winter hat and scarf set I made her.

We also went shopping for some fabric, I’ve got two summer dresses to make up. And a jelly roll, I’ve never done quilting before, Andi has dabbled in it. And we went to the wool shop, she got some sock wool, and some red cotton and raided my wool stash for loads of sock wool. It’ll be really interesting to see what she makes.


I’m sorry I’ve not got any photos, next post, I promise. Actually I could do a post showing my dining and crafting room!


Another Wool Haul

200 Crochet flowers, embellishments & trims

I’m always needing something to finish a little cardigan, or something I’ve sewn. Crochet embellishments just work great for me, and I seem to always be making flowers for something, so I’ve treated myself to this book, I’ve not made anything yet though. I think it looks good, and the instructions seem easy to follow, maybe I’ll write a review soon.

20 to make Crochet Granny Squares

I always find granny squares versatile too. Sandy has blankets made from them, as did my children. I’ve used them in cardigans, bags, everything. I got this from Deramores, again I’m very pleased with it and it seems easy to follow. It’s also small, so I can take it out with me.

Red heart 100% acrylic black 4ply. The left over Wendy Festival from Andi’s winter set. And a set of buttons I liked.

All of the above is from Deramores. I’m making a little cardigan from the black acrylic, it’s cheap, and I don’t know how it will wear so if the jacket comes out very nice I’ll make another one in cotton. It’s for Sandy, in 2-3 years, but the pattern includes 3-4 as well.

The Wendy made Andi a very nice hat and scarf, but I’ve not yet got the decent pictures of it.

And the buttons? I don’t know yet, I just liked them.

Sirdar Montana

Eight balls of Sirdar Montana. I’m not sure what this is for yet, it was in the sale.

Thee balls of Patons 100% cotton. Two balls of red Bonus DK acrylic, and one ball of green.

This yarn is from Hobycraft, the black 100% cotton. I got red and green is acrylic too, there was a 3 for 2 offer on. I want to do a strawberry jumper. I had to drive ten miles to the nearest hobby craft though, which is slightly annoying, on the plus side, parking was free.

C&H wool haul.

This photo is a mess. I raided the sales in my local (expensive) wool shop. I did very well.

I got a pack of crochet hooks, just because they’re always good to have around and I’m missing a lot of smaller sizes.

4 balls of Wendy Supreme DK cotton, two orange and two green.

Sirdar snuggly 4ply in sage.

An odd patterned wool that’s lost the band.

And an odd chunky, same story.

Regia 4ply sock wool, two balls.

An eyelash yarn by Sirdar, not sure what for, but loving the colour. I only use those yarns for trims anyway.

4 balls of a nice cotton yarn that I can’t remember the name of at the moment.


Next I’ll be knitting this all up. Well, hopefully. I got four patterns too, but I’ll show those when knitted up.

Andi keeps nagging me to get a ravelry, I don’t know what the big deal is.

Christmas from Grandma

It’s december, I’m a grandmother, my shopping should be all finished now, the gifts should be wrapped and labeled waiting to be given.

I don’t even have gifts for most people yet. Mainly because I’ve not got the disposable income to buy everyone a gift. I’m only giving to family and friends who I know give things in return. It’s a little selfish, there’s people who I know won’t give me anything but I’d love to give to but realistically I can’t.

So how am I going to survive a commercially based holiday with no money for gifts? I’m not. I’m going to get yelled at by Andi that I hate her and her son because I didn’t get them anything. My son is going to be hugely disappointed when he gets something handmade, and I’m going to pretend I don’t care when really I’m going to be offended that my labours aren’t more appreciated.

I lie about Andi, she’ll probably be doing the same thing, since she has nothing. But George? I’m not so sure he’ll accept a crochet owl hat, or mittens, or something like that. And Sandy is a baby, so he won’t really care all he’ll want is the wrapping paper.

Other people? Well, there’s some people who will not accept a handmade gift as an actual gift, even though it takes so much more effort. So for my mother-in-law I’ve bought a DVD boxset, and some books. For my husband’s uncle (my family is weird) I got some alcohol, not booze, this stuff is classy. Otherwise, I’m stuck. That already cost more than I have to spend. Andi wants a camera, but would also like a tablet, the Galaxy Tab 3 is almost affordable, and the basic cameras are arond £50. So that’s a difficult choice. George’s present is money, going towards a school trip to Italy.

Sandy is by far the easiest to buy for. He’s one, it’s actually his second Christmas, but his first he was only a fortnight old. I’m planning on crocheting a little hat, and possibly a scarf for him. His mum can’t crochet so it’s more appreciated. Otherwise I’ll probably just get him books, or toys.

Family wise we have four stockings, we’re buying small things for each other, because we’ve not got the money for big things. And we’re making things too. It was Andi’s idea, but it seemed the easiest and cheapest. We’ve been throwing ideas at each other about things to buy and make, and this is it so far.

Andi – A crochet owl hat. A bag for her tablet, I’m planning on making a change bag based around her tablet, if she gets one that is. A book of some description, H.G. Wells? A notebook might be nice, for her to jot down ideas. Possibly a slouchy crochet hat too, with some kind of chunky flower, maybe a scarf to match. A voucher for eBooks|

George – Deodorant. Shower gel. A video game. Some kind of book. Possibly a notebook. Headphones. Andi will no doubt get him condoms.

Sandy – A crochet owl hat. A scarf. Another kind of book, dinosaurs I guess. A colouring book, maybe some crayons, although he’s a little young. And he’ll get a tablet… A pair of sewn dungarees would be good.

Gin – Gin? Is it wrong that I don’t know what I want? I’d say cheap jewellery, but it’s a waste of money because I’ve already got so much. Crochet hooks? Wool, I want chunky wool. A wooly flower broach.

I’d love to hear other people’s ideas too.

Hi mum

Hi mum! I love you. I’m knitting you a scarf for Christmas because I’ve stolen your hat. Sorry, but remember, I love you!

Oh, hi Andi! Sorry I’ve not been online much today, I might have had car issues, but if I say that you’ll scream “woman driver” at me.

I love you too, what do you want? Money? Chocolate? Booze?

Oh sh*t. Please stop knitting me things! Buy me a real gift like a normal daughter. Are you sure you’re knitting it for me and it’s not something for yourself that you made and didn’t like? How many stitches did you drop this time? What’s wrong with it?

But I liked that hat! I chose the wool for it, and paid for it too! ANDIIIIII!

Yeah, you love me. I’m going to speak to George now, he’s nice to me.



Welcome to my blog. That sounds weird, my blog. Before I’ve always borrowed my daughter’s blog, and she said my posts got lots of views, and I should think about getting a blog for myself. I didn’t really post much, I just liked sharing my knitting with the world, I’ve been meaning to write more about things I sew and crochet too. I love making clothing, I’ve been doing it for years, I first started when I was a five year old in the early 1960’s. I like baking too, I say baking because for me cooking is the essential chore, baking is being creative and greedy, making treats. I don’t mind cooking, but it gets tedious.

These days I mainly knit for my younger grandson, I call him Sandy. He’s nearly a year old, so still small and quick to knit for. I make cardigans, jumpers, blankets, hats and the occasional toy too. I don’t crochet much for him because it just seems a bit girly. I sew a lot for him too, when he started teething my daughter, Andi, and I made all of his bibs. I make him little dungarees too, and I make a few odds and sods for around the house, cloth wipes, aprons, and things for my son too. I used to sew much more, but these days it’s more expensive, back in the 70’s it was much cheaper.

I guess I should explain some things about me, and who I am, rather than just what I like to do. I’m in my 50’s, when you get this old that’s a close enough age. I have a 20 year old daughter whose blog is http://sexfruit-sexfruit.blogspot.com/ she writes about being a single mum in France, and crafting, and breastfeeding. She uses her blog to voice her opinions and defend her choices. My son is 14, his blog is confessionsofateenagegameaddict.blogspot.com he complains about babies, cacti, and many other things. He just writes about being a typical teenager in the UK.

My late husband was a Scottish astronomer, that was how we met. We got married not long after, then a few years after that decided to start off a one child family. It was great, nice and calm, especially the weekends. Well five years after that there was a surprise baby, and things were still lovely. Two kids was a blessing, and we thought we were happy with one, but really the two made things better. But sadly around 20 years after getting married my husband died from a three year battle with cancer, and after that things have never been the same. We miss his humor, he was very dry and sarcastic, but funny.

Before that I was raised alone by my mum, she was from London, we’ve gradually drifted further south, I’ve lived in a few places over the years, Guildford was good, Brighton was amazing, Portsmouth was okay, and here? Well, it’s just boring. I’m tempted to go join Andi in Paris, but I’ve got a few years left before retiring.

Anyway, I think that explains enough about my blog and myself for now, welcome and enjoy reading.