A small update!

I didn’t post anything last week, not unusal for me. I’m not great at writing this blog thing.

But this time there is a reason. A good one.

My daughter came to see me for five days, just a small holiday. It was really nice. She took a couple of things back to France with her for Sandy, and for herself. The cardigan from my last post, the vest I made recently, and a winter hat and scarf set I made her.

We also went shopping for some fabric, I’ve got two summer dresses to make up. And a jelly roll, I’ve never done quilting before, Andi has dabbled in it. And we went to the wool shop, she got some sock wool, and some red cotton and raided my wool stash for loads of sock wool. It’ll be really interesting to see what she makes.


I’m sorry I’ve not got any photos, next post, I promise. Actually I could do a post showing my dining and crafting room!